Sunday, 13 June 2010

I am so blessed

June 13th, 2010. Today I’m celebrating my silver age. 25. As my peers are getting married (and some are waiting for their babies or raising ones) and have a successful career (or in their way to), I’m still struggling my best to accomplish those two things.

I failed and failed and failed again. But I guess I fail better each time. At least I stop being whiny, stop being a drama queen and stop questioning my failures. I know that failure is always the best way to learn. And each time I fell, I learned (okay, I mean, I cried then I learned). And I guess, I’m starting to understand the meaning of accepting, ikhlas. Each time I failed (either on my relationship or on my career), I know Allah will open another door for me, which I’m sure it’ll be better. And I believe, every little thing happened for a reason. A good one, for sure. And it’s weightless, really.

So, Alhamdulillah. For what I’ve been through. For those which (who) made me stronger and better. For what You’ve given me. For what I have at this very moment. For having those fabulous loving family and friends in my life, I’m thanking You.

And welcome quarter life.. ;)

Oops, forget something, just in case I missed thanking you for giving me birthday wishes. Thank you. Honestly thank you.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Tour de Sushi

It's Sister Day!!

This was a day in which I spent time together with fatty bear (read: my little sister). Having our quality time, I may say. The agenda are usually sort of like these: me and her, going to a place celebrating somethings (birthdays or even our failures) by doing some shops or just enjoying being window shoppers, or by watching movies on theater, by singing along at a karaoke, or by treating ourselves with some good quality of food. Just the two of us, share laughter, share our silliness, comment on people's behavior, take pictures, or even talk about some more serious things.

Though, last Saturday was different. We put a theme on our day. It was sushi. Here in Bandung, there are some sushi stalls for those low-budget sushi lovers. Just name it, Sushi Boon, Sushi Baa, Oishinbo, Sushi Alley, Sushi Kim, and Sushi Corner.

So we planned to visit those places in a day. First place to visit was Sushi Boon. It's located in front of Level factory outlet at Dago. We ordered Leviathan (unagi or eel with avocado) and gunka salmon salad. Overall it was good. But I think taste of unagi was too strong.

Second destination, Sushi Baa. Still at Dago, in front of JetSet factory outlet. I asked the waiter, which one is most ordered menu and he answered it quickly, Rock n Roll and something with salmon in it (sorry I forget its name). We ordered Rock n Roll, one of their many fushion sushi. A fried gindara roll sushi with sowed cheese on top of it. Taste great. But I kinda felt I was eating katsu instead of sushi. Well, it is fushion sushi after all.

Tour de Sushi was still going on.. Next, we visited Oishinbo. Kinda like this place. They offered a Japanese taste of sushi (I forget their real tagline, but I think it was sounded sort of like that). We ordered Yakuza (spicy salmon) and gunka wakame. The taste, I could say that it was good, I could feel the Japanese taste. But too bad, as you can see on picture below, the salmon and other ingredients was too little compared to its rice.

FYI, we planned to visit Sushi Kim (located at Progo, near Jonas Photo) and Sushi Alley (located across Post Office Riau). We skipped those two places, though. Since we unfortunately were so close to full. Yeah, I know, call us "cupu", whatever.

So, we decided to visit the last place. Sushi Corner at Grand Hotel Preanger. We ordered Baked Salmon and Salmon Sashimi (I was craving for salmon sashimi so bad). We're waiting and waiting. Then came the food. Hmm, well, I must say, the food was disappointing. From what I knew, something that is baked should be hot or at least warm and soft. But their baked salmon was cold (I think it was saved in fridge before served). About its taste, hmm, it's so-so, I even tasted it like it was a floss sushi and it was too salty. I guess the chef is getting married. And leave alone the salmon sashimi. It was too expensive (it wasn't on their menu cos it's expensive, the waiter told me) and the slices were too effingly thin.

Overall, I can say, Sushi Tei is the best I can find in town, hehee. Best quality of sushi, tastes utterly good and I think the price is worth the quality. However, I wouldn't mind to taste all those sushi mentioned above again (I'd think about it again on the last place, though).

Well, that's the end of our journey that day. Whether it was disappointing or not, I enjoyed every minute of it. Again, sister day was completely fun and silly.

Oh, by the way, me, Dad, and my sister went to Ngopi Doeloe last Sunday. You know, that so called happening coffee shop in town. Apparently, they serve sushi nowadays. I tasted, I ordered Rainbow at that time. Sushi roll with slices of salmon on top of it. You know, it tasted great. Just like I expected it to be. Love it. And it's less expensive. I'd love to come there again and try another sushi menu.

Friday, 4 June 2010

A Story in One Ordinary Night

Oh, glad to know that I have my internet quota back! Okay, here's a little story I had yesterday.

Yesterday was just like the other day. I was doing my routines, going to work and back home as usual. It was about ten p.m. Me, Mom, and my sister were in our family room. Playing games on notebook, a little chit-chatting, watching tv (the last episode of fifth season of a sinetron ~ go ahead, mock me).

All of a sudden, bell rang. There's someone in front of the main door. Confused as we were, that person kept knocking on the door. It appeared that it was he. He's knocking and ringing the bell while saying Assalamualaikum and calling someone's name that we don't know. Since my father hasn't back home at that time. So none of us was brave enough to open the door. We kept silent, we muted the tv, spoke with low voice, and called my Dad and asked him to go home ASAP. After a while, that man went away. But we remained in silent until my Dad was home.

Quite a strange stranger. Phew. Kinda freak me out a bit. I thought he would do something bad.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Happy June!! My Lovely Month

Welcome June. Welcome my month. Welcome good news (hope so!). Welcome the so-called quarter life happiness (or crisis???).
I don't know where my life is going to take me. I don't know if I chose the right decision, the right way to achieve all the best things and the golden moment in my life.
Live your life to the fullest. I guess I just have to enjoy every second of it. Whether it's a happiness or (still hoping not) a crisis.
And to all Geminiers, or to all who happened to be born at this shiny month. Happy Birthday, and enjoy your month!!!