Monday, 15 November 2010

Kampung Melayu ≠ Kampung Rambutan

So here's a story of a sok-ingetan bagus-padahal-pelupa girl. One thing led me to Pondok Kopi on a bright Saturday morning (with lots of moaning and yawning, surely). Decided to go there with a cab, since I have zero clue about the place I intended to visit. Singkatnya, I've made it to Pondok Kopi after tanya sana-sini. Things were wrapped, and it 2 o'clock already. I decided to go home by bus (simply karna takut duitnya ga cukup kalo naek taksi lagi, secara hampir pasti maceeet bukaan sabtu sore di jakarta). Setelah tanya2 sama orang2 how to get to Blok M, I sighed. Haruus ke Kampung Melayu dulu, then ask someone there. Double sighed.

Ah yaa, before I moved on, there's a drama behind I-decided-to-go-home-by-bus thing. Heavy rain was pouring as my business was done, I was having my 1st day period so I was dying to lay my back on the bed, and the perfect part was, my boyfriend texted me that he's gonna sleep for a while. Hmmmppff. I was in the middle of nowhere dan menderitaah, and he's asleep. *to-ta-lly-up-set* Okay, he's sick, I know. Gatau daerah pondok kopi, that, I know it too, his car just got fixed, I know that too. Tapi yaah, namanya lagi es-mo-si. In between pengen marah2 and I've no choice other than haruuus menjelajah sisi lain Jakarta yang sebelumnya belum pernah terjamah sama sekali. Hell yeah, it was no fun at all. Pengen nangis iya banget.

Moving on.. I made it to Kampung Melayu after all. Bersama dua orang teman di tempat yang tadi yang sama-sama pulangnya ke arah Kampung Melayu. Satu orang turun di deket Halim, satu lagi bareng turun di Kampung Melayu. As I get there, a bit confused. "Perasaan dulu pas kesini ga kaya gini deh".

Dan jiwa sok tau gw pun kambuh. Instead of asking which bus is going to Blok M, I told my friend that I changed my mind, and wanted to take a bus which directly goes to Lebak Bulus by toll road. Teman gw yg baru gw kenal itu dengan sabarnya bilang kalo dari Kampung Melayu nggak ada yg langsung ke Lebak Bulus. While me, keep persisting, kalo jurusan itu ada, dulu gw juga pernah naik jurusan itu. "Biar gw cepet sampe" That's all I could think about. Si temen gw ini masih dengan sabar ngadepin gw, "kita liat aja deh ada apa nggak bus nya. Gw temenin cari dulu deh, kalo gw sih angkotnya banyak, santai. Yuk." How sweet she was, wasn't she? Then she pointed her finger to one bus, jurusan Kampung Melayu-Blok M. "Lo mending ke blok m aja deh." Berhubung bus udah depan mata, then I nodded. Last thing she said was, " Eh, lo hati-hati yah." Hehehehe.. Thankies temaan..

As I sit on the bus, still struggling to remember, which bus I took few months ago. And still confused, the terminal was different as I remembered it. Then, voila. I remembered something. Waktu itu gw dari Cikampek mau ke Jakarta dan berenti di.......KAMPUNG RAMBUTAN. Not Kampung Melayu. *toyor kepala sendiri for being super duper silly.

One huge conclusion for me that day. Kampung Melayu is waaaaaaay different from Kampung Rambutan. Noted.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


The only thing that made me excited to work today was my team mates and I had a plan to taste a new (for us)eating place near our client's office. Actually I wanted to come to that place since my first assignment few days ago, cause of its eye-catchy name and poster which put on its window (signed by Pak Bondan-Wisata Kuliner). But some said that place is quite expensive, so we're waiting until our payday.

And today's the day :)

The three of us came to this place. Oh, forget to tell you, the restaurant's name is "Ayam Seuhah"(1). It's not a fancy restaurant, using a part of an old building, in the center of Bandung (it's located at Jalan Asia Afrika, not far from zero km), makes me even eager to eat at that place again.
We ordered Ayam Seuhah, and tumis genjer(2).

(see? that poster really does a good ad)

The chicken (I think it's a broiler since it's big) was 'covered' with spicy (I mean, really spicy) sauce and then grilled. And it tasted yummmmmyyyy... I mean, if you're a spicy food lover, then you'll know the feeling as you taste a really hot spicy food, you just can't stop eating though you can feel your tongue almost burn.
Honestly I can be too much objective giving review on tumis genjer, for me it always tastes good. :)

(sorry for blurry pic, I'm too hungry to take a good pic)

Here's my menu:
One piece of breast/leg of ayam seuhah costs IDR 14k
One portion of tumis genjer costs IDR 6k
One portion of rice costs IDR 4k
A glass of hot tea for free
A glass of sweet ice tea for IDR 3k
A small cup of sarikaya costs IDR 3k
*To spend that much on weekdays, is just too much for me :(

Oh, for dessert, you should try its sarikaya. Tastes soft and sweet. Lovely. Quite similar to my mom's made.

But I'll certainly eat there again, to taste the restaurant's fried chicken with sambel terasi. Well, my mouth's watering as I thinking that ayam. Hahaa..

(1) Seuhah is Sundanese, it means an expression of someone upon something he/she ate which was totally hot and spicy (I hope I explain it properly ;p)
(2) Genjer is one of kind of green veggies. My mom said it's good for our digestion.