Monday, 20 December 2010

Oh! Nooo..

Huff. What a day. Hari ter-tidakbersemangat ditambah mood yg udh kaya roller coaster. Plus rasa kantuk yang juga berlebihan. (_ _")

To complete my day, celana bahan yg udh bertahun-tahun menemaniku bekerja, pake acara jahitannya robek sajaah di bagian pahanya sekitar 10cm. Uhuhuhuuu.. Panic attacked. What to do.. What to do.. I didn't bring any safety pin (padahal di rumah ada segudang). Sempet berpikir, cuek aja gitu yah, harusnya kan ga ada yang nyadar. Mmmh, tapi setelah diperhatikan baik-baik. Kalo lagi jalan, terlihaaaaaattt jelaaaaas. Hiks. Tapi berkat teman seperkantoranku yang cantik baik hati dan idenya luar biasa, setidaknya hari ini tidak berakhir mengenaskan. Akuuu selamaaaat!!! ;p

On behalf of my colleague, here's a tip for you, if your pants happened to be like mine today.

As you can see it on the pic above, you can easily guess what did i use in substitute of safety pin. Yup. It's a stapler. Jahitan yang lepasnya tinggal di-stapler ngikutin jelujur benangnya. Easy dan aman. Beres deh. Selamat sampe pulang ke rumah. Hihihiii.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Here's a quote, mmh, a poem suits it more, I think. Accidentally found it in a boring book ;p
Never ask of money spent
Where the spender thinks it went
Nobody was ever meant
To remember or invent
What he did with every cent

-Robert Frost, The Hardship of Accounting
via Lyn M. Fraser, Understanding Financial Statements

Monday, 13 December 2010

Korban Iklan Part II

Yuhuuu.. Back to this ice cream. Now with different flavor. Chocolate Truffle. Indeed, this one is so much better than a classic one. You really should try it.

A perfect match for hot sunny day (owh, it's melting!)

Pangandaran dan sekitarnya

About my last vacation to Pangandaran. Here's the review. Due to my laziness, I just finished this review by now, should've wrapped it weeks ago. Lemme start with the accommodation. My family and I were staying at Laut Biru Resort Hotel. It's located at Pantai Barat Pangandaran. For th
ose who have never been there, Pangandaran is a bay -if I may say so-, it has two coasts, East and West. If you wanna see sunrise, then go to the east, and vice versa if you wanna see sunset.

Okay, back to Laut Biru. Since it was a family trip, I didn't know for sure about the hotel's rate per night. All I know was, my Dad told me that if someday I went to Pangandaran, just stay at that place. One room costs approximately IDR 500K per night (it consists of two king size beds, a TV, an AC, a porch outside the room complete with small coffee table and two chair, a bathroom with toilet, hot-cold shower, a bathroom sink and a quite huge mirror). Oh I forget to tell ya, it includes breakfast for 4 (four) persons. You really can share that big room with your buddies! There's also a swimming pool and a jacuzzi (which I forgot to take pics of 'em).

Oh! Here's a suggestion for you, don't choose a room with beach view, cos what you're only gonna see is this:

For food, just go to Pantai Timur. Find Pasar Ikan, in that place, you can find quite many of seafood restaurant. By mean restaurant, please save yourself from expecting it to be fancy, but I can assure you those seafood 'family' are fresh (sure they are, it's next to the sea *rolling my eyes*), its taste quite so-so, a bit far from authentically Balinese seafood yet it successfully made my belly bloated.

I don't think there's much to do at Pantai Pangandaran, but yes, you can ride an ATV, do water sports just like in Bali, watch sunset and sunrise, and eat fresh seafood. Or you can rent a bike, and ride around the coasts. But don't expect some crowd here. My cousins and I went for dinner around 8 pm, and outside our hotel was somehow quiet, not many stores and cafes around there, hmm, I don't think there were any (hotel cafes aren't included). There were lots of hotel and motel vacancies also, which explains the tranquil night. So you better have many traveling buddies to avoid the dullness.

To watch sunrise, you need to make sure your visit wasn't in the rainy season, cos when it's gloomy, there's nothing you could see. Only dramatic clouds above the offshore. Sure it's still a beautiful view, indeed. But watching sunrise is something cannot be replaced, don't you think? That's why I promise myself to chase another sunrise. Soon. *crossingfingers*

gloomy sunrise at Pantai Timur Pangandaran

Alright, back to my suggestions, if you're wandering at both beach, East and West, somebody will offer you a visit to Pasir Putih. Just say yes, it's near from both beach, and will only take few minutes to get there. But don't forget to bargain the trip fee. You're gonna sail by traditional boat, each boat can only consist of five persons plus the driver (or whatever they're supposed to be called). The water is clear, you can actually swim or do snorkling around Taman Laut.

a glimpse of Pasir Putih

If you had quite a lot of spare time, you might wanna do another sightseeing at natural reservation at Pasir Putih beach. I heard there's an interesting cave inside it.

Another destination worth seeing near Pangandaran:

at Sungai Cijulang, way to Green Canyon
-taken from my sister's photo album-

super fun and thrilled, too bad the water run too swiftly, I didn't have that too much guts to swim ;p
-taken from my sister's photo album-

Cukang Taneuh, known as Green Canyon, it's like a river with beautiful green forest view on the left and right side. I sort of felt like I was at somewhere in Kalimantan, wondering when that Anaconda would emerge and eat us all. Okay, kidding, there are only (ONLY??) small snakes and biawak (small crocodiles), according to site's guide.

Batu Karas, here's another beach near Green Canyon, I don't know why many of my friends are falling in love with this place, cos I prefer Pasir Putih to it. Maybe because of its huge wave, I heard it's one of the best place to surf.

Batu Karas, Cijulang

PS: our guide at Green Canyon said there's one hidden beach not far from it. He said a foreigner found it and not many people aware of it (including me and my family). UNFORTUNATELY, I forgot the name of that hidden beach. Shoot. I think it's sort of sounded like BulakBenda. Maybe. Sorry.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Chocolate High

I think this song is simply beautiful. Got to have this as my wedding song :)

Yeah yeah yeah yeahhhh
Ooooh, Ooooh
If we make each other happy, then we just can't lose

I don't mean to be decadent
I might sound like a hedonist
But the simplest way I can put it
You become a habit
The more I consume, the more I gotta have it

Ain't no such thing as too much
If you gave me everything it'd never be enough
My black coffee with sugar no cream in the morning
You're my super double caffeine dream yeah

Your precious darkness got me so strung out
Aand lovin' the way that you got me so wide open, my babydoll
Jonesin' and fienin' under my skin
My nerves are screamin' when you're not here
See baby I need ya sugar, you're so delicious

There is somethin' about your love
That makes me just want to open up
Your flavor is the sweetest thing in life
I'm addicted to your chocolate high
Cause I want you, and I know that you want me
So let's stay close like we supposed to be
And just get high off our own supply
I'm addicted to your chocolate high

I be trippin' in so many ways if I
Go a single day without a taste of your love
The finest cuisine of today's world
Five stars, oh you're so gourmet girl

I crave you, I want you
Every cell in my body needs you
Tasty like Hershey's and Nestle
You're rich like Godiva boy you just so sexy

(Repeat Chorus)

Your flavor is the sweetest thing in life
And I don't ever want to come down
I'm addicted to your chocolate high
Oh yeahhhhhh

Monday, 6 December 2010

Talking to myself

Why in the world it's just too hard for me to keep these in mind:
Don't use high heels to an outdoor party. Aside from hurting your legs (cos it's unbelievably difficult to walk with heels on a ground), you're also gonna risk your heels to ruin.
And don't use something warm if the party were held in the middle of the day. Sure because it's hot, silly!
Moreover, bear in mind to wear lotion anti-nyamuk. Especially when the party was held next to a small river complete with bunch of trees and tall grass.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Kucing Hilaaaang..

Few days ago, that little creature successfully made all my family members got panic. Chester'd been gone since the night before. Even Mba di rumah pun ikutan panik, nyari2 tu kucing sampe ke gang belakang rumah. She came with disappointment. Chester wasn't around.

As my Dad and I arrived at home, Chester hadn't coming back home. While we're speculating about any chances that Chester might be coming home, there's a blurred sound from the outside, blurred meow.. And there it goes. Tiba2 muncul out of nowhere. Not as usual, tho. Not asking for food with pitchy meow, just sit and meow-ing slowly.

The funny thing about this, was my family's assumption regarding where's Chester had been leaving. My Dad assumed Chester went to play with his girl (if you think cats do not have girl or boy, you got it all wrong mate). Mom thought that someone kidnapped Chester (this, I disagree, I don't think no one would want to keep that silly dirty cat). My sister thought Chester got accident and died (really really relieving, *sighed*). While me, thought Chester forgot his way back home, mengingat how silly he is.

Gosh, my family, a bit weird aren't we? Hahaaa..

Thanks God, until now Chester's still safe at home. Smoga ngga aneh-aneh lagi tu kucing.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Korban Iklan

Berburu the famous, most wanted ice cream nowadays. MAGNUM-WALLS. Temen-temen kantor pada ngidam, while me? Super kepo about it. Setelah jalan kaki ke Riau Junction with zero result, then something popped in my mind. Sepertinya ada pabrik (ato officenya, dunno) somewhere near my office. So off we went to that place, with full of hopes and dreams (ini mau kemanaaa siiih??). Then I saw Walls sign not far from Taman Flexi Dago. Believe it or not, cuma ada satu freezernya walls di depan sebuah WARTEG. Yup, warteg (which is good, coz I finally found another place to go for lunch), kecil pula freezernya, dan isinya hanya ada tu eskrim. ;D

the famous ice cream

Nyamnyamnyam. Waiting for terompet bunyi. Few minutes. Nope. Gak ada. Apalagi terusannya yah, lebih gak ada. No super huge poster. No super special treat. Just.. an ice cream. So far, I can only say, that the MAGNUM was just like many Wall's ice cream. The secret recipe is on its Belgium Chocolate. The vanilla ice cream was so-so.

mouthwatering? no? reallyyy??? ;p

abis deh.. me still want that belgium choco!!

Hello December!

Gosh, time flew too fast, I supposed. The past two weeks I'd been drowning in a so-called busy season at the office. Added to that, some job interview I must attend (which unfortunately another failure I must faced), and a family gathering. The last one, surely is my favorite among those that absorbing my energy.

By the way, in the time I wrote this, I'm a bit upset of something. Nah, not because I didn't get another job that I pursued, -somehow I get used to failures-, but due to something else. Something I rather not to write it down here.

Oh, well, to cut the time, I better start writing.

Before that, lemme greet you a Happy December. Lots of you going on vacation this month, aren't you? Happy vacation for you. And to my friends who gonna tie the knot this month. Hope everything runs well. The D-day and life after that. And to those who still single, guess it's a good start to get mingled. :D