Friday, 20 August 2010

Little Reunion in a Brief Vacation

It was on Sunday, July 18th, 2010. Along with my two former colleagues, (oh, okay, best friend actually describes them better) we planned to do a little reunion at Bogor. Why Bogor? I was simply craving for its famous Apple Pie, and one of two friends mentioned above, lives there. So, I went to Bogor from Jakarta by train with the other friend. It was my first time using KRL Pakuan Express.

I can say I like that train. My friend said since it’s Sunday, so it’s easy for us to pick a seat, since there’re lots of vacant seats. The train somehow brought me to an imaginary scene where I was in Japan using high school uniform and met my crush in the middle of train’s crowd. Right, I was too obsessed with Japanese comic books. Well, that obvious, I think. The KRL Pakuan Express is using an obsolete train from Japan. I guess Japan has build another more contemporary one, and all Indonesian get is a second-handed. Poor us.

We arrived at Stasiun Bogor at half before 10, more or less. And we’re starving. In a rush going to train station at Cikini, so all we could have for breakfast was only a cup of milk. We started our culinary tour after the three of us finally met at the station. Hmm, since we had lack of time, so please save yourself from expecting us visiting many places.

Well, first destination was Met Liefde Café. A homey, cozy place to enjoy fresh air of Bogor. I like its ambience. Not too crowded, but I think it’s because it just opened as we got there. The café situated at Jl. Pangrango near Pia Apple Pie. We ordered Pizza Met Liefde and Potato Skin. As for me, the pizza was good yet kinda salty. Potato skin was so-so, too oily and less crunchy.

I picked Ice Chocolate for my drink, slightly different from Chocolate Milkshake which my friend was ordered. I love chocolate, so I said the drink was yummy. My other friend chose something with oreo inside the drink. I forget the name.

Felt great to be able sharing stories once again with them while munching pizza. Laughing at the past (how mellow-dramatic we were), laughing at our silliness and stupidity back then, and of course laughing as they’re teasing my new relationship status (silly). Talking about how we spent ‘the after working hour’ time (and yes, I missed those moments, really). And how funny as we’re grasping something unusual. That our topic started to change. That we’re still talking about relationship only now in a multi-layered matter. However, I still enjoyed every second of our conversation.

We had to stay longer in that place as the rain pouring down. As the rain stopped, we moved to PIA Apple Pie and met my boyfriend who came to join us. Nah, we didn’t ate at PIA, I just bought Apple Pie to go. Next, Makaroni Panggang, I wished for the small one, but it was sold out, so I didn’t buy anything, my friend who did the shopping.

And I’m hungry. And the others too, I think. Hehee. Yaa, maybe it’s just me. (Oh, c’mon, slices of pizza and potato skin wouldn’t last an hour). I was craving for Sundanese food, and my friend (who lives in Bogor) recommended De’ Leuit. Off we went there. After got stuck in traffic jam, we finally got to De’ Leuit. It’s located at Jalan Pakuan No. 3. I can say this place is an authentically Sundanese restaurant. We ordered Kepiting Soka (chili and salty crab), Gurame, and Karedok. All those food were great, I recommend this place if you visit Bogor again. I was in huge hunger as we got there, so I forgot to got you guys the food pictures. Hahaa, sorry. Oh, one more thing, in front of this restaurant, there’s an Es Duren stall with lots of customers (my conclusion was that ice cream tastes lovely), and my mouth’s watering as we passed it by. Too bad I was too full leaving the restaurant.

Last visited venue was Roti Unyil Venus. I love those tiny bread. My favorites are sweet cheese or milk, chocolate, and chocolate-cheese. Tho, I loath the way they sell those bread. Without any queue system. So you can imagine how all customers yelling to waitress so they could be served. Later my aunt told me, if I wanted to buy Roti Venus again, I should stand near the cashier, so I could directly give my order to waitress who has just finished serving customer. Great idea, why didn’t I think about it before? Silly.

(my silly besties and I)

Well, that’s a wrap. I haven’t had enough. At all. And yes there’ll be another trip or celebration, since my two lovely besties still owe me treats. *big smile*

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hang in there, tummy!!

Okay, I know this isn't perfect time for me to post these pics. But, I just found these, and I think I haven't share this on my previous post about Bali trip. :)

Nasi Pedas Bu Andika (Jalan Raya Kuta -near Joger, across Supernova-, Bali).
Very very affordable, tasty, spicy, delicious traditional dishes. They serve many kind of traditional dishes. You're gonna need a glass of ice tea next to you.

Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk Bali (Jalan Merdeka, Renon or Jalan Raya Tuban Bali)
Okay, don't judge the food by its picture. Cause I've to tell ya, this dish is uniquely taste great. Hot and spicy, if you feel the need of another spicy taste (like I did), you can ask for sambal matah (uber-hot Balinese chili sauce).

Jimbaran Seafood
I ate all those food with my sister, quite a "complete" dishes, right? All the food was great. As I told you on my previous post, it's a bit less hot and spicy, but it was great. YUM-O!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Here we go again. Alhamdulillah, You giving me another chance to meet this holy month. This is the first day of fasting and I honestly hope everything will run smooth until the winning day, Ied Fitri. I love this month so very much, I can tell you some of my favorite things about Ramadhan.

Only this month I'll be able gasping fresh air without cigarette's ashes (only in between fasting hours, well that's okay). This can be happened since my community mostly are Moslems, and unfortunately some of them smoke. As smoking can breaking our fast, they'll quit smoking while doing fasting. Well, I couldn't ask for more I supposed.

Lots of sudden reunions, spending time with friends; school friends, college friends, old friends, officemates, besties, my little circle of family, my cousins, or even a truly family gathering. Meeting up, sharing new stories, while doing break-fasting.

All those sweet snacks.. Owh, don't you dare telling me you can actually refuse cendol, kolak, es teler, es campur, sop buah, sarikaya, sweet cakes, all those jajanan pasar, choco pudding, cingcau... (okay, I'll stop, I forget I'm fasting while writing this, hahaa). At my home, we have some habit, Mom used to make some list of tajil (snacks for break-fasting before we eat proper food, read: rice) from the first day, until the last day of fasting. Mom usually makes most of the snack on the list. And sometimes I help her.

Ngabuburit. This one kinda tradition in Ramadhan. This is just some kind of activity we do while waiting for Magrib. Sundanese named it, ngabuburit. Usually starts from 3 o'clock, and kiddos usually playing games in the alley, or in the park. I used to do ngabuburit in weekend with my family, doing window shopping or monthly shopping.

Family's quality time. Nothing compares to spending quality time with your family. I, my sister, Mom and Dad. Sitting on dining room, doing break-fasting, sharing stories, then take a pray together, with Dad as an Imam before we have dinner.

(I got this pic from here)

Actually there're more to say about this month, but since I have to pack my things and go home, maybe in another post, hehee. Happy fasting to all Moslems. And to others, thanks for being tolerance to us in this month. ;)

Friday, 6 August 2010

Mind Your Eyes, Please..

(click here to find out where I get this pic)

Isn’t it still consider rude, staring at people with that ‘pain-in-the-ass’ look?

I once went to a bank. Getting my money to be deposited. I was about to fill in the deposit form, as I saw a girl with her mom, was filling a form before me. So I waited till they finished. I was standing behind ‘em. Then, the most unbelievable moment happened. That girl’s mom, was looking at me from head to toe. I was frowning. Couldn’t believe what just had happened. FYI, I didn’t wear anything eye-catchy. I put on a turtle neck blouse and a khaki pants with flat shoes, bringing a notebook and a tote bag. That’s all, I even rechecked my appearance just in case there was something wrong. But, no. I didn’t see anything wrong and I was standing still. I tried not to bother her and take a quick glimpse to others. As her daughter finished, I promptly filled in the form and started getting myself in line. That woman was also in the line next to her daughter, aaaand.. she was still staring at me. So, I guess I didn’t have other better option than staring back at her. In the eyes. Until she took her eyes off me. Phew.

If I had that experience once in my life, I wouldn’t bother to write it down here. It becomes stumbling thing as it repeatedly happens to me. In public transportation, in a restaurant, or any other public areas. Young girls, moms, or my peers. They stared at me with so-annoying-face-that-successfully-made-me-wanna-slap-their-effing-face. And the quaint thing about this, is that I have to stare at those people back to make them stop. Even I’ve to raise my eyebrows which saying “WHAT?”

Seriously, people, what are your problems? I mean, save you and your eyes from wasting your time and energy on someone you don’t even know.