Monday, 31 May 2010

Twist of Fate

There no such things as coincidence.

Is it true? It's been twice in this week, I was coincidently meeting my mom. About a week ago, I went to Istana Plaza, planned to buy some coffee bun for tomorrow's breakfast. But I forgot to bring cash. So I went do
wnstairs to ATM gallery instead of going to second floor (the floor where coffee bun is at). As I was going upstairs, and passing supermarket after taking some cash, I had a thought, "why don't I buy something here? I can save some cash if I bought something at the supermarket instead of buying those coffee bun." And to the supermarket, I went. I saw green pandan bread, my favorite. Frankly, I called my mom to ask whether she'd already bought slices of bread or not. This was never happened before as I always forget to ask her regarding family's expenses.

And it appeared that my mom was also in that exact supermarket. We were giggling as we met. Mom was relieved that she met me, so she could have me bringing one bag of things she bought (sighed). Well, the relief wasn't only hers. I met my mom who's in the middle of her monthly shopping, which meant, I didn't have to spend any money for that bread. And momogi. And my other personal things. Heheee..

And today, that funny coincidence happened to me and my mom again. Mom left house before I did. I didn't tell mom, that I will go somewhere after I put my notebook at the office. I left the office few minutes later, then took Bandung's famous public transportation, "angkot". I was just having a blank moment as we're passing Unisba, then the angkot stopped. Someone stopped it, and that someone, was my mom.

I couldn't stop giggling as I saw her. She was too. I mean, that's too funny. She told me how did she get there, and asked me where was I going to. She thought I ditched work (Oh, c'mon Mom!). Lastly, she said, "now you're gonna have to pay your own charge". Hahahaha, she got me.

So I guess, yes indeed there are lots of coincidence among us. Or I might say that wasn't coincidence, that's destiny. Well, dunno for sure.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I don't know why I felt irritatingly pain in my neck, literally. So, I decided to go to a massage center. My dad suggested me to try a new reflexology center which located not too far from my office and my house (later on I found out, Dad wanted to try it, but he asked me to try it first, just in case the service wasn't so good, *sighed*).

So off me go to that place. It is called Zen Family Reflexology. As you opened the door, you'll meet the receptionist. You'll be asked to choose how long you're gonna be massaged and which kind of massage oil you like. Once you chose, they will give you a key and ask you to wait in the waiting room. Then you're gonna be asked to change your shoes with their sandals. Therapist will come and take you to another room, the much bigger one (this is the place where you get a foot massage), and go upstairs. On the second floor, there are small private rooms. She took me to room number 16, as appeared on my key. Before starting the massage, she put my foot in a big bowl of warm water and wash it. And she began massaging. Two-thumbs up for the whole one-hour massage. And the pain on my neck had disappeared. IMHO, I like it. Really.

Me also heart its interior design and the warm homey relaxing feeling I felt as I entered the big room. And the smell of aromatherapy all over the room. And the ginger tea served after I took a shower. Lovely.

However, there are things I don't really like. The receptionist's services need an improvement. The bathroom need a hanger inside it. About the shower, I don't know if it was just me, but hot water comes a bit late (I'd been shivering long enough before it changed itself into hot water). Well, that's all, I supposed.

Ah, you might want to make a reservation first if you didn't wanna risk yourself such an irritatingly long waiting list. And there's a 20% discount promo if you come before 2 p.m. on Monday-Friday (which I found out after I took a non-promo massage. Shoot).

Go see their page on Facebook or you can click here for further info. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Silly Girls on Vacation

Alright, finally I wrote about this.

Me and my sister traveled to Bali again last March. Just the two of us. You know what was witty? We planned this journey just because we saw travel ads on facebook. Next thing I knew, we browsed, and booked our flight. We left Bandung on March 21, and came back on March 24. We arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport at 7 pm. Since we planned to travel on strictly budget, and we heard that airport taxi is expensive, we walked to the exit gate just to get a blue bird taxi. I have to tell you, the exit gate wasn’t that far, didn’t take us 5 minutes to get there, and didn’t take us more than a minute to get bluebird taxi in front of the exit gate. From airport to Kuta Beach cost only 15K IDR. We asked the taxi driver to bring us to poppies lane, as you all know, that place was flooded by cheap-yet-comfortable inn.

The taxi driver dropped us in front of benesari street (it is at poppies II). Then we walked through that street, a bit confused, and found a signpost that written “Cempaka III”. Yeay! That was the first option we made regarding where we’re gonna stay. We checked the room, it was great. Every room has a porch with two chairs and a table. The room was clean and smelled good. There are one king-size bed, wardrobe, mirror, and table. The bathroom was clean, it has a western toilet. Overall, it was way worth the price per night, which cost 120K IDR with fan. There are also room with AC and hot water, but you’ll have to pay 250K IDR for that. The owner and his employees were seriously wonderful. They served breakfast, a toast and a cup of tea. And thanks to my silliness, I forgot to take a picture of this place. But believe me, we wouldn’t bear staying in for three nights if the place weren’t nice.

The next day, we woke up early in the morning, about 7 am, we walked to the beach and took some pictures there.

Me and the tranquil Kuta Beach in the morning

I was curious about another inn, it was located in poppies I. So I asked my sister to walk through the street, on our way back to the hotel, because I knew it would lead us to poppies II as well. We’re supposed to be at the hotel at 10 am. And again, silliness was always beside me, we got lost in poppies I. The map was made it seems too easy, but it wasn’t! Thanks God people whom we asked directions to were so nice. By the time we got there, the driver from rental car service has been waiting for us (I hope he didn’t think that we’re “so Indonesian” with the “jam karet” thing, hehee).

The first destination was Joger, pabrik kata. As we got there, the shop hadn’t been opened yet. So we’re waiting in line to get into the shop. While waiting, we watched its employees doing their yell-yell. Interesting, really. They’re singing and then entering the shop with harmony, so amusing. After bought some clothes, we had our lunch at Nasi Pedes Bu Andhika. It was located near Joger. You should try it, it's yummy, spicy, low budget Indonesian food. It's also halal, FYI.

Then we went to GWK. The site is great. But visiting GWK in the middle of day was a bad idea. We missed all the traditional dances performance, and the heat was making me lightheaded. However, we found our favorite spot in that place. It's called Bale Bengong.

A view from Bale Bengong, GWK

You'll get to sit down and relax while gasping the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful view of Jimbaran Beach and Tanjung Benoa. There's a funny thing about it's rest area. It contains some food stalls, and they sell most of Bandung’s culinary. Even their employees are all Sundanese.

Oh! There's a funny story. My sister was doing her pray in the car as we’re entering the GWK’s entrance gate. The ticket officer was unbelievably confused looking at her doing. He glanced over my sister, then talked to me, then glanced over again, then gave me tickets, and glanced over my sister again. Hahaaa. Maybe it was his first time experience seeing a Moslem praying in the car complete with mukena. Then we left GWK for Dreamland. And I must tell you, apart from the beautiful large shocking wave, I dislike this beach. And I don’t like the way all the massager forcing us to get a massage.

Next destination was Uluwatu. I couldn't say much about this place. It was extraordinarily beautiful. All the mesmerizing landscapes, enjoyable ambience, or even the cute-naughty monkeys, and leave alone the Kecak Dance performed during sunset.

Finished enjoying sunset while watching Kecak Dance, we went straight to Jimbaran. Time to spoil our belly! The driver took us to Damos Restaurant. We ordered black-peppered crab, Balinese grilled squid, steamed scallops, with Balinese extra-hot-and-spicy-which-happened-not-to-be-that-hot-and-spicy “sambal matah”. And that’s a wrap. We went home with a smile on our faces, and a bloated belly ;D. Totally an exhausted yet amusing, laughable, pleasant day.

Third day, we enjoyed our morning with a toast and a cup of tea in the hotel. While waiting for the driver, we’re walking down the poppies lane through legian street. Today’s agenda were visiting Bedugul, Besakih, and Tanah Lot. On our way to Bedugul, the driver took us to a restaurant. We found out that the place was unbelievably expensive and decided not to eat there. So, we walked out that place, and found a mosque not far from it. While walking to the mosque, we found “Warung Nasi Muslim, Nurani”. Yippiew! Me and my sister ordered soto ayam and mie bakso with two glass of hot tea (it was chilly in Bedugul), for only 18K IDR. Then, we took a pray in the mosque, the view from the mosque was utterly beautiful. Too bad it was under reconstruction.

beautiful view from the top of the mosque and the mosque itself

I can easily say that Ulun Danu Bedugul has a wonderful delightful sight-seeing (best place for narcissistic persons like us)

Next, Tanah Lot! (oh, btw, we didn’t make it to Besakih) Well, it appeared that it was a lengthy journey. As we reached Tanah Lot, I was just like having a jetlag. Hahaa. There are lots of kiosks selling Balinese products, quite as same as Pasar Sukowati. Tanah Lot is indeed a remarkable site. If you like the panorama you used to see on most Balinese paintings, where there’s a temple and a sunset view behind it, you’ve got to visit this place.

The dazzling panorama of Tanah Lot

Last day, we’re having breakfast at hotel as usual. The plan’s supposed to be visiting Ubud or Kintamani. Unfortunately, the driver was kinda sick. And for safety reason, he took us to Bali Zoo, near Ubud and then to Pasar Celuk Sukowati. To be honest, I won’t recommend you to visit this place, since it’s too expensive, and the place wasn’t so big. But I was quite enjoying that place. Last time I visited a zoo, it was in 1994. And, yeah, I love animals. They’re so cute and adorable, apart from their bad smell.

Next destination was Pasar Sukowati. Thanks God there’s a mushola. We took a pray, and finally, shopping time!!! We visited Pasar Sukowati III, so there weren’t so many kiosks and not too many customers also. I guess that’s why I had lots of good offers of many things I bought.

Before went back to the airport, we wanted to taste Ayam Betutu, a special culinary from Gilimanuk, Bali. Luckily, we didn’t have to go to Gilimanuk to taste it, there’s a store near the airport. The taste was really great. Really hot and spicy.

And that’s a wrap! What a fascinating journey. Consider it was a well-planned and a successful vacation for me and my sister. There’ll be another silly vacation story, I assure you guys! ;D

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My "Favorite"

Here comes the time I share my culinary knowledge. Heheee..
Alright, let's start with this one.

If you're happened to be at Bandung, and you wanna find something to eat other than fastfood or pleasant cafe and restaurant, you should consider this street food. It is called "Favorite" (quite eye-catchy, isn't it?). Don't underestimate the place before you try it, believe me. It's located at the sidewalk of Moh. Yunus, a narrow street at Pajajaran. So if you're at Jalan Pajajaran, and KFC is at your right, go straight and stay on the right until you find a right turn, that's Moh.Yunus. The food stall is at the right sidewalk.

It's specialty is Kangkung Cah hotplate. A must try. With a quite affordable price (about 22k IDR), you'll get a tasty delicous kangkung cah in a quite much portion. I don't think any body could finished it all by himself. I mean, it'd be better if you shared it with your friends, and ordered the other menus. Thus, you'll be able to taste more than one food with the only-one-food price (I'm an accountant, it kinda forces me to think economically ;D) . The other menus, are also tasty and yummy as well, such as, Cap Cay, Chicken, Squids, Shrimps, and others with a special taste of Chinese cuisine of course.

Ow, I forget to tell you, this stall open everyday from 6pm. I don't know when it's closed, though I suggest you to come early. The place is always crowded, and I think you'll running out of food if you come late.

So, have a try!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Say Goodbye to the Cup

Another loss for this country. This afternoon, Indonesia was defeated by China in the final round, with unequivocally score, 3-0 for China. Kinda sad, since I wish to hear Indonesia Raya in the end of the match. I wish to see Indonesia's golden moments in badminton once again.
Well, I watched the whole match. And no matter what, I can easily say that I'm proud of them. They played great, the first double player, Kido/Setiawan, and the second single player, Simon Santoso, especially. Only maybe the luck wasn't there beside them. Maybe the next Thomas Cup? Literally hope so.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Holiday in the Middle of Week

Few days ago, I decided to spent my one-day-holiday at home. Doing some stuff which I didn't have time to do it before. Cleaning up the room and dyeing my hair. The cleaning session had done, now I need black Henna to dye my hair (for those who don't know, Henna is a kind of natural hair coloring). Why black? I don't think any other color suits me. And fyi, I'd been searching this Henna the day before, though my luck wasn't with me that day. So, I went to local store called "Rama Shinta". It sells beauty products, and you can find beauty salon's equipments in that place. If you want to do salon-at-home, you may find the things you need here. It is located in Jalan Pamoyanan, behind Istana Plaza, just ask anyone, they'll give you direction.

Anyhoo, I've got the Henna, and went straight back home by foot. In front of my house, my eyes suddenly locked on something. There were two persons just across my house, a girl and a boy (wearing a highschool uniform, which kinda odd since it was a national holiday). The two persons, based on their body language, were having an arguments, I think the girl was angry about something. You know, I used to mind my own business. But the view that afternoon, was really making me itchy, I was like so close to pop up in front of them and say, "ekspresinya manaaa???" (hahaha, you know, the ads, no? get a tv!).

Many questions swirled in my head, "do they really have to argue in a public area? with that sinetron-body language? in front of lots of people (there were some workers across the park near my house, who are also staring at them)? I mean, why didn't they find some more quiet place? There weren't yelling at each other (thanks God). Though their sinetron-scene look alike was really making me wondering and laughing at the same time. I shared this with my workmates, and it's funny that one of them once had a same experience. My friend saw a wife run after her husband who's leaving the house. Shouting and crying, at the same time. Again, in a public space, in front of many people.

Freaks me out a bit. Do people now start to think that privacy is no longer essential? Those pictures show me also how people tend to neglect their surroundings. We should mind our business instead of others. That, I know. But we are given eyes to see, ears to hear, and mind to think and to question. Why don't you just keep your personal life in a small circle outside public area? What I'm saying, I don't bother if you have problems, if you want to argue it with somebody, if you have things to be settled. 'Cause I do too. But I keep it to myself and the little circle of my surrounding. I argue with people, but not in public area. I never wish my personal life to be known by some people across the street.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Just got showered!

Friskies always works. I won, Chester.

Weirdo Kitty

Do you think cats could possibly know about something that we're up to? Like, intention to get 'em showered? Well, I honestly think they could. Just happened to me. I was gonna get my cat showered. I was boiling the water first. My cat was just laying on the floor, not doing anything but licking its fur. Then, my sister came and said, "Oh, chester mau dimandiin ya?". Next thing I know, my cat was just avoiding me as I approached him. Running to the roof, and hasn't come back until now. Weird.
Maybe I 've to find some other tricks to fool him.

My Super Silly, Fatty, Spoiled Cat. CHESTER.

Ah! Chester's coming back. Be prepared, baby! ;D

Friday, 7 May 2010

Sleeps With Butterfly - Tori Amos

A friend posted this song's video clip on facebook. And suddenly I just wanna hear and sing this song again. Just to remind me how I love this song. Will you sing with me?

Take you away again
Are you flying
Above where we live
Then I look up a glare in my eyes
Are you having regrets about last night
I'm not but I like rivers that rush in
So then I dove in
Is there trouble ahead
For you the acrobat
I won't push you unless you have a net

You say the word
You know I will find you
Or if you need some time
I don't mind
I don't hold on
To the tail of your kite
I'm not like the girls that you've known
But I believe I'm worth coming home to
Kiss away night
This girl only sleeps with butterflies
With butterflies
So go on and fly then boy

Look good from on the ground
I fear with pins and needles around
We may fall then stumble
Upon a carousel
It could take us anywhere

I'm not like the girls that you've known
But I believe I'm worth coming home to
Kiss away night
This girl only sleeps with butterflies
With butterflies
With butterflies
So go on and fly boy

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Little Gift from the Past

I spent my last weekend with my cousins at Jakarta. Only that time was different, I visited the other part of Jakarta. We went to Kota Tua or Old Batavia or Old Jakarta, whatever. It was our first time to get there. So, you can easily imagine, three girls on the trip, without maps, only counted on the green signposts (I believe it was supposed to be way-directions). It was fun, though. After having many doubts whether we were on the right direction of not, we finally made it. And I love that place, really really do. Cafe Batavia, alun-alun, the museums, and all those old-school ambience. Uniquely beautiful. Basically, we’re not typically museum lovers, but to the idea of doing some dorky photo session at the museum, we tended to visit it. And we just found that museum was closed at 3 pm. The time we just got out from CafĂ© Batavia. Darn! I guess destiny didn’t allow us to take some silly pictures at the museum.

the beauty of Old Batavia

Yeah, but there’ll be another chance. Have no worry. ;D