Sunday, 31 October 2010

Gloomy Sunday

Do we all deserve a second chance? I personally think that everyone deserves a second chance. Not that I believe all people will indeed change, but who knows, right?

Some think, giving somebody, who's apparently making mistake(s) before, is gambling and such a waste. I'm not with them, but to be faced the situation where you really want to give someone a second chance yet you're not supposed to, yet you're not able to, that's killing me.

That situation makes me think, maybe everyone indeed deserves a second chance, only if the circumstances are suitable for that. Most of the time, it doesn't work that way. Life goes on and everyone opens their new page(s) then writes new sentence(s). Moving on. That's what people do. And when a new life comes through and they are happy about it, do you think a past could hold them for what they have now?

When we made a brand new decision regarding our lives, that also means the drawer full of past are closed, locked, and the drawer's key must've been thrown away. Means: there are no "U-turn" anymore. No matter how bad you want it to take that turn, there's just no chance, and you yourself won't allow you to do such thing.

I believe that people do make mistakes, as they realised it, sometimes, there's just no second chance for them, there's only an irritating regret left behind. And there's nothing they can do about it other than joining to move on.

One lesson learned from today's tears. Don't you ever give up on something you know you need and want the most. Put away your ego. Put away your self-centered idea. Put away your fear and indecision. That moment. That time. Don't waste it. You never know if that only comes once in your lifetime.

So don't complicate it by hesitating.
This is tailor made. What's the sense in waiting?
- Dashboard Confessional

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hello there, Salmon Sashimi!

Today wasn't a big day at all. But somehow important to me. I've got a much more assurance about something and quite, nah, really happy. Everything was running so well, I didn't even feel any burden upon it. So I guess it was meant to be. *amin*

To complete my happiness today, the soft and melting salmon sashimi has finally made its way to my mouth again after three months sushi-fasting.

Yup, I ate sushi tei again *overwhelmed*, with my nemo and lil sis. And just to made it perfect, finally I experienced to be seated at second floor at Sushi Tei Bandung (it's the 1st time, always wanted to seat there, but never had any chance before).

Left picture: my right view, lovely isn't it?
Right pic: sushi bar from where I sit

Left pic: The warming Agedashi Tofu
Right pic: Tuna Salad Crispy Mentai (this never on menu list, you should just ask waiter for it)

Yup, the night was perfect. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Friday, 22 October 2010


Now I know why I should be grateful for anything. My new client's office is located quite near Alun-alun Bandung. And lucky me, it means I can just walk to reach my favorite bakery, Sidodadi. This place is so old school. My mom told me that my granny also loved this bakery. And it's cheap!! For mocca flavor (my favorite) only cost Rp 3K, and the size is more or less similar to coffee bun at RotiBoy. The other flavor, choco-cheese (my other favorite), chocolate, krenten (roti kismis), and many other flavor, the prices are vary but won't be too far from Rp 3K.

(don't judge the store by its sign and door ;p )

(oooh, look at those bread.. yumyum)

(mmm, yeah, I was a bit overspending)

Busy Week

Welcome peak season. Welcome files, the heavy odner, pretty much dust in documents, new and old clients, eyes lock in monitor and of course, the unbelievably-too-many-rows-and-columns spreadsheet (I personally like it better when I call it, spreadsh*t).

Well, those are parts of my job. Not that I hate it, but the last three months, I've been practically doing nothing at the office but playing games, browsing, chit-chatting, or watching movies. So you can imagine how my brain froze itself.

Then, the heavy workload came. All I know, the first day I worked at my client's office, I got swirly dizzy. As I touched my head, I think it burnt inside. Hmm, poor my little brain. Leave alone these tiring eyes. Okay, lemme tell you something, I used to sit in front of monitor for hours just to browse something or playing games or twitting. But the funny thing, as I opened my eyes to see those numbers and any other datas, that's just completely made my eyes sore. Tsk. How could that happen? Weirdo.

'Kay, since this will keep happening for the next four to five months, better I get used to it like before. Dear little brain dan tiring eyes, SEMANGAT YAK!!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sat.. Sat.. Saturday..

So finally I'm meeting you again, Saturday. It's weekend. And there WAS a plan today's gonna be a whole-day dating with my nemo. And the whole things about Bandung's birthday parade ruined my lovely plan. Today, Bandung's celebrating its #200years birthday (actually, this is only the celebration, its birthday was on 25th of September), dan Pemdanya, cleverly, spend another government budget on this event with those kendaraan hias parade things (instead of benerin jalanan bolong2 and the on-and-off traffic lights) whiiiiccchhh surely bikin macet jalanaaaan.

Well, nemo's still coming. He's on his way here, actually. And me? Haven't taken a bath for sure. Hahaaa... Been thinking what we're gonna do. Yeah, there's something on my tod's agenda. A little secret between us (yeah, right), hope I put a check on that.

Hmm, I think I'm gonna take him to some new places (Selasar was actually still on my list, since the -kok selasar lagi?- things came from his mouth, means I MUST find another cozy place). Mmm, nothing pop up in my mind at the moment, maybe I'll count on my impulsive thoughts to decide.

Alright then, gonna take a bath and waiting for my rocket to come, eh, waiting for my nemo to come. Hope he didn't get trapped in the terrible traffic. Hope today'd be another lovely weekend.

Happy weekend ;)

Oh, btw, I was gonna get Chester showered, but this morning Chester just ran away as he saw me. Oh, well, again he knew what I planned for him. Bad kitty.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Buon Appetito!!

In the middle of a super sunny day, my cousins along with my sister, my nephew and I went for a lunch. We picked La Cucina. It is located at Jalan Ternate, Bandung (just googling it or see foursquare for details). I'd never been to this place before, but my sister said it's a nice place to relax and take pictures. So to that place, we went. I've to say, I like the ambience, the sofa is nice and cozy, but the table was way too small (if you ordered only drinks, then it wouldn't be a matter). My cousin said it's like the cheaper version of Pepenero (although I very disagree this place is categorised as cheap). Maybe she meant the food which are similar to Pepenero.

(from the sofa where I sit)

(second floor, I adoooreee those sofaaas..)

About the food, I think it's so-so, except for the pizza, I give my both thumbs for it (we ordered the smallest one, you should order the biggest, I think it'll be more satisfying, hehee). My other cousin complained about the food portion, for him it's too small (compares to the price). I ordered pasta fettucinni with tomato sauce and a bit shrimp. For me, the pasta was too sweet (but the plate ended up clean, anyway) and I didn't have any problem with the portion, really. But there's one thing I like about the food, aside its pizza, that is its mushroom sauce for steak. It tasted groovy and a bit unique (but the steak was so-so -according to my cousin who ordered it).

(the food we ate)

(so far Ice Cappucinno is still the best)

Oh, there's a winery as well for those who drinks wine. Cocktails and beer are also on its menu list. So that explains a bit about how in foursquare people tag this place as a beer garden.

Actually, there're quite so many dishes this place is offering. Maybe it's more wise if you asked the waiter which food is their specialty. Buon Appetito ;)

Monday, 11 October 2010

The so called Perfect Ten

Yesterday was so important for many many people, I guess. So many wedding ceremony were held, and I heard some babies who were born at that date, their moms were released from any delivering charge. Moreover, Pasar Seni ITB, the once-in-a-decade event, was also held in Bandung. So you can imagine how perfect the traffic can be on that day.

Speaking of which, the only thing popped up in my mind as I heard 10-10-10 was the effing irritating terrible traffic. Some wedding had to extend building rental hours (and else), due to most of guests were trapped in the bad traffic. That relates to: another cost. Not to mention the Sun was too bright at that day. Some ppl in my twitter timeline even assumed that on that day, too many pawang hujan hired to cover wedding venues from the rain. Well, I agree with that thought.

But, we have to take hikmah on everything, do we? I supposed, one lesson learned. Don't EVER get married at tanggal cantik. Just like the wise old man said, "every day is a good day", isn't it? Whatever. Don't mind it.

Java Rocking Land 2010

Woohooo!!! It was such a great great event! Chris Caramba is so freakin hot! ;p Ollie and Arkarna's performance was hypnotizing (I didn't even know most of the songs they played, but still enjoyed every second of it, most likely because of Ollie's hyperactive movement, I guess, and love it!). Leave alone the Stereophonics' kicking performance and of course, that effortlessly-looking-utterly-handsome Kelly Jones.

Did I mention he's hot?

Almost cried as they played Belle of the Boulevard.
Don't Wait as an opening songs and closed by Hands Down. Just perfecto :)

Do you see what's on Ollie's left hand? It's an iPhone, he kept recording the crowd while singing and movin along the music . Sorry for the blurry pic, he kept moving, so it's hard to steal a good moment.

Okay, since I got so extremely exhausted jumping around through Arkarna's songs, I didn't get the chance to see the gorgeous Kelly Jones from Stereophonics close enough. And didn't also get the chance to see him perform my favorite songs, Have A Nice Day, Innocent, and Dakota (thanks to mom's text message and my sore legs). Well, at least I could hear Maybe Tomorrow, live. :)

Great night, perfect weather ( a bit rainy in the beginning but then stopped before DC performed), great companion (my boyfriend and my bestfriend), and fantastic performances from Dashboard Confessional, Arkarna, and Stereophonics. It was all worth the waiting, worth the sore legs, worth dwelling with mud, worth every penny, I guess. One word, Awesome!!!

P.S. Thanks to my nemo, who's taking most of the pics. :)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Another (going to be fab) Saturday

I'm changing my background once again. That describes how easy I get bored to something (oh, hopefully this is irrelevant with my love life ;p). Speaking of which, my nemo and I are coming to JavaRockingLand tonight, anybody coming too? Well, I've to tell you that I, hmm, asked my nemo to accompany me to the show. Okay, okay, I lied, I forced him, he didn't wanna come at first, since he doesn't like the performing artists, maybe he never been listened to any of their songs, but he ended up, patiently, saying yes to my wish. Hohoo.. Love him even more for that.

It's almost 1 pm and I haven't taken a bath :P (so don't even mention about getting ready for tonight's event). Oh, btw, I'm gonna wear striped t-shirt and a jacket plus a pair of jeans and sneakers. Hope I didn't do saltum. And another little wishy wish from me, please..please.. don't let those water falling from the sky please, God. Oh, well, at least give me a good health, so no matter how exhausted I could be, and how bad the weather would be, I won't get sick. AMIN.

Alright. Until tomorrow. Will post some great pictures from the show. I hope I could get a great spot tonight.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Heartbreaking News

(Got this pic from here)

I saw something that shocking me a bit, yesterday. A local news said that apparently, many "escalator caused" accidents happened nowadays. The saddest truth is that most of the victims are children. Some of them had permanent wounds, and some must lose their fingers, or even lost their life. What a heartbreaking fact.

In the news, most of parents blamed building management for the accident. Well, indeed there's an indication of building management's negligence, only not in every case. I feel deeply sorry for those little victims and their parents. But, IMHO, if you're looking who's to blame, then the right answer is simply their parents. I mean, how did those children play around or on the escalator without supervision? Parents shouldn't let their children playing around without supervision, in particular at public areas like malls. I've seen lots of children running through the escalator up and down at malls. Their parents? Dunno. I didn't see them around.

A child is an entrusted gift from God. They aren't ours, yet we're obligated to take care of them until they grow up. So parents, please take a good care of your precious gift, your children. May this regretful accident be a learned lesson to us.