Thursday, 17 March 2011

Myrna Myura

Okay, as I told you, I'm one of the lucky brides-to-be for my reception Kebaya's gonna be made by lovely young talented designer, Myrna Myura. And I'm sooo impatient to meet my gonna-be gorgeous kebaya. Too bad October's still a long long way to go. *sigh

For you who may not able to find her at facebook. This info is for you :)

Myrna Myura
Workshop: Jalan Melati No. 21
Condet, Jakarta Timur (by appointment only)
Ph: 02199557007 or 085719377007


  1. can't hardly wait to see ur gorgeous kebaya.. ^^

  2. gw sempet patah hati sama myrna ni, i wasn't that lucky :D

    pasti kece abis deh kebayamu ntar, can't wait to see!

  3. @rere
    amin re.. sama deeh, aku pun gak sabar

    sempet patah hati karna gak kebagian bikin di myrna say? apa gimana? tapi kebayamu cantik banget kok.. :)

  4. iyaahh.. aku ndak kebagian myrna.. pesen pas agustus, buat dipake februari, udah ga dapet jatah..